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48 Regional Nature Parks in France

Luberon, Vercors, Landes de Gascogne… regional nature parks in the south of France are often better known than those in the north, and evoke images of sunshine, mountains, nature, holidays, and so on But they are not the only ones! Today, France and its overseas territories have a total of 48 Regional Nature Parks.

Together, these Regional Nature Parks represent an outstanding natural and cultural heritage

  • Local stakeholders strongly committed to a shared development project
  • A territorial project combining heritage preservation, economic benefits and social progress.

These 48 Parks form a (very) large family, which is still growing, and which is grouped together under the French Federation of Regional Nature Parks. Based in Paris, this federation speaks on behalf of the network of Regional Nature Parks. Its objectives are:
• To represent the collective interests of Regional Nature Parks in dealings with national and international authorities,
• To help define and implement policies in favour of French rural areas,
• To propagate and promote the values and activities of the Regional Nature Parks, both in France and internationally.

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Les 48 Parcs naturels régionaux représentent

  • près 4 200 communes,
  • 23 Régions et 71 départements,
  • 3,6 millions d'habitants
  • et 14 % du territoire (hors DOM)