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Avesnois Regional Nature Park

Avesnois Regional Nature Park is situated in the south-east of the Nord department. 138 communes are classed as part of the Regional Nature Park.

Tree-lined meadows, deciduous forests, blooming orchards, meandering rivers, waterside mills, raised bandstands in the heart of villages, small chapels built from blue stone... all these features make Avesnois Regional Nature Park a truly exceptional site. Cows are an integral part of the wooded landscape too. The Avesnois is a major producer of dairy goods, of which Maroilles cheese is the jewel in the crown. It contains a large reservoir, Val Joly, which has now become a tourist resort.

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 Avec 138 communes, le Parc naturel régional de l'Avesnois est un territoire de 124 021 hectares où vivent plus de 157 000 habitants.