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Advising the communes

The Park’s technical agents specialise in disciplines such as sustainable town planning, landscape management, agriculture, cartography, built heritage, rural development, energy, fauna and flora, water resources, crops, public awareness, nature site management, etc. They take a cross-cutting approach to each issue, enabling them to take into account the multiple environmental issues involved.



 The team may intervene in a commune which is part of Scarpe-Escaut Regional Nature Park, an associate commune or a gateway town, to offer support in the following areas:

  • contracting communal development projects,
  • restoring and renovating heritage buildings,
  • achieving energy efficiency in communal buildings,
  • eco-construction,
  • organising eco-events,
  • creating and maintaining communal orchards,
  • restoring ditches,
  • establishing differentiated management for green areas,
  • creating hiking trails,
  • setting up educational projects related to the environment in schools,
  • creating markets for local products,
  • supplying canteens with local agricultural produce,
  • etc.



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