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The Regional Nature Sites body

The Regional Nature Sites body (Espaces naturels régionaux - ENRx) is the joint association of Regional Nature Parks in Nord-Pas de Calais, continuing the activities of the former Espace Naturel Régional association founded in 1978. This is an environmental and regional development tool coordinated by elected representatives from the Region and the 3 Regional Nature Parks.

It is supported by the Nord-Pas de Calais Region for implementation of the tasks detailed in an objectives agreement.

ENRx/Region Objectives Agreement

The Region sets out a “road map” for the Regional Nature Sites joint association known as the multi-annual objectives agreement.
This agreement sets out for 2010-2012 the tasks that the ENRx will carry out over a three-year schedule, together with the regional policies in which participation and contribution from the Regional Nature Sites body is expected.

ENRx/Parks Agreements

The agreements define the main thrusts of the partnership, cooperation and transfer of experience between territories. They notably establish that the ENRx’s support role lies in the mobilisation of a technical team in each Park Centre, complemented at regional level by cross-cutting competencies (genetic resources, local support, environmental education, legal assistance, European affairs, green and blue network, regional communication, etc.).

Agreements with the scientific sector and associations

Through these various working programmes, the Regional Natural Sites body has worked in collaboration with educational and professional scientific partners, establishing 50 associations and groupings.

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