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Flines-lez-Mortagne National Forest and the Breux Managed Biological Reserve

forêt de Flines les Mortagne

Flines-lès-Mortagne National Forest spreads out over 245 hectares to the north-east of the commune of Flines-lès Mortagne, along the Belgian border.

Originally oak forest, it was replanted with beech in the 19th century in certain very wet areas, making it necessary to create small banks of earth surrounded by ditches which you can still see evidence of today. In contrast with other forested areas, the Flines-lès-Mortagne National forest was spared during the First World War and has retained its old beech woods.



There is a wonderful area of alder and birch trees in the forest where you will find sphagnum moss, royal fern (Osmonda regalis) and white sedge (Carex curta). It was the presence of royal fern, rare outside western France, that motivated the creation of the Breux National Biological Reserve in 1982 and the implementation of a specific action plan for the conservation of this species. 

The site is accessible to the public via different paths and discovery trails.

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