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Giving pike a helping hand

Pike, so numerous in our rivers in our grandparents’ day, now need a bit of a helping hand. With this in mind, the commune of Wallers asked for help from the Park and from the Fishing Federation to develop a reproduction area for these fish in Courant des Fontaines d’Hertain.


Did you know? To reproduce, pike lay their eggs in the meadows and marshlands bordering the waterways while they are flooded in winter. Unfortunately, suitable areas of this kind have diminished and our rivers have been modified to reduce their flooding capacity.

Courant des Fontaines d’Hertain has not escaped this fate, but still retains good water quality and a lot of potential.

In anticipation of a waterway restoration project, a spawning ground was created during winter 2010-2011, on a site belonging to the commune of Wallers. This 6000 m² area planned for pike is clearly favourable to a diverse range of fauna and flora.

And this initiative is not unique: the Park and the Fishing Federation are working hand in hand to ensure that our rivers are full of life once again!

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Le saviez-vous?

Deux autres zones de reproduction ont été aménagées sur le territoire, à Marchiennes, par le Parc et la Fédération de Pêche et à Bouvignies, par le SMAHVSBE.