Boite à outils

Les Argales Slag Heap and Les Fiantons Sensitive Nature Site

teril des argales©Samuel Dhote

Les Argales (Rieulay-Pecquencourt) is an emblematic site of the Mining Basin, partly due to its size (it is the region’s largest slag heap) and partly due to the redevelopment and nature-restoration work which has been carried out there.

Part of the site is now devoted to leisure activities and another part is given over to preservation of the natural environment. Some one hundred species of birds can be found there, including 30 nesting species, including the little ringed plover and the bluethroat.

gorgebleue à mirioir©Gregory Smellinckx

The slag heap forms a vast nature conservation area and is one of three slag heaps of remarkable ecological value in the area. (Source: CPIE Chaîne des Terrils)

The site can be accessed from the Slag Heap Centre in Rieulay.


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